Cleanliness Campaign

cleanlinesscampaignA glimpse from a workshop on sanitation issueContaminated drinking water is the cause of many diseases. Even if drinking water is clean at the source, there are chances that it gets contaminated during storage and improper usage while drinking. A Government of Uttar Pradesh project named Swajal Pariyojana targeted availability of clean drinking water to the rural people. Gramonnati Sansthan implemented this project as a campaign in three villages Raipura Kalan, Raipura Khurd and Bamhauri Kazi.

The campaign included making villagers aware of issues like cleanliness, hygiene, health and environmental protection along with importance of clean drinking water. Estimation of diseases commonly occurring in the villages was done and the villagers were told the steps that they can take to protect themselves from the diseases. Health camps were also organised in the villages to provide curative services.

For further the learning of the villagers, the members of Swajal Samiti were taken on educational tours to the villages where similar activities were underway. The members learnt technical and functional aspects of manure pits, soak pits, garbage pits and toilets. They also learnt administrative issues that come across during the construction of these facilities.

Various competitions like drawing and general knowledge competitions, Swajal Bal Manch Pratiyogita, songs and street plays on hand pump maintenance were organised. Capacity of the villagers has been built upon so that they are able to formulate action plan and implement project components successfully. Hardware training were also organised.

As a result of this campaign, the villagers have started taking care of their water resources and following better cleanliness practices.

How You Can Help

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