Women Farmers Campaingn

womenfarmer A still from women farmers campaignA campaign has been launched to accord the status of farmer to the women working in agricultural fields and granaries. It has been found that women are denied land rights. Though women do 80 per cent of agricultural work, their rights are overlooked and their voice is suppressed. To deal with the situation, making women aware of their right on land ownership and sensitising community about these rights, Women Farmers Campaign was organised. This campaign passed through Mirzapur, Jalaun, Chandauli and Mahoba. Attempt was made through these journeys to create awareness among people from 140 villages.

Objectives of Journey

  • To increase sensitivity in the society to accord land ownership to landless, dalit and single women
  • To create environment for affecting change in land improvement law
  • To sensitise dalits, women and landless with the policies of land distribution policies of panchayats and administration
  • To make information about exploitation because of land allocation to media and people’s representatives
  • To make villagers sensitive to women’s rights over land rights

Constitution of Land Disputes Redressal Committee

As a result of continued work on land ownership topic and mounting pressure on the government and administration, the district magistrates constituted dispute redressal committees in their areas. A committee has gram pradhan as chairperson and lekhpal as secretary. The committee will prepare a register in which all the land disputes will be entered and solve all the disputes on the basis of mutual understanding. The sub-divisional magistrate will issue identity card to these members. The cases tackled with mutual understanding will be reviewed by the sub-divisional magistrate in the weekly meeting.

Every month station officer and tehsildar will inspect at least 10 revenue village at their level and make efforts to solve the land disputes. Similarly the district magistrate and superintendent of police will jointly visit five revenue villages.

To conduct the land right campaign in an organised manner, Bundelkhand Land Rights Forum has been constituted. This forum will organise the landless farmers for struggle.

Improvement of Patta Land

Generally land allocated to the beneficiaries on patta is unproductive, uneven and unirrigated. As a result beneficiary is unable to earn livelihood. For improving such land, the organisation is providing financial and technical assistance to make the land productive. As of now it has extended assistance to improve almost 27 acre land.

How You Can Help

As a voluntary organisation working at the grassroots level Gramonnati Sansthan heavily relies on support of various stakeholders. You can help us in two ways:

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