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Gramonnati Sansthan primarily works in rural areas of Mahoba district in Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh. Mahoba is poorly connected with other parts of the State and also with other districts of Bundelkhand. Though Mahoba city is just 230 km from the state capital, Lucknow, it takes not less than 10 hours to travel this distance. This poor connectivity contributes to a large extent backwardness of Mahoba. Mahoba had a glorious past, but today it is not even a shade of what it used to be.

In this rather grim scenario, Gramonnati Sansthan is working since 1983 with the vision ‘to form an exploitation free society based on humane values’. It is doing so with financial support from a number of donors and donor organisations, both national and international.

You can donate any sum you can affort to fund activities of Gramonnati Sansthan. By donating to Gramonnati Sansthan you have the satisfaction of supporting an organisation committed to the cause of the disadvantaged communities, particularly women.

As a donor to Gramonnati Sansthan, you have the privilege of

  • Invitations to participate in workshops, seminars and campaigns
  • Receiving regular updates of activities through electronic newsletter
  • Receiving copies of Annual Reports

If you want to make a donation to Gramonnati Sansthan, you may write to us with details as to which activity(ies) you intend to support. We shall get back to us within reasonable time. If you intend to donate to the corpus fund of the organisation, you may do so with any amount you are comfortable.

As of now we can only accept donations by cash, cheque or demand draft. Kindly download the donation form, print it, fill it and send it to the following address along with your instrument of payment:

Dr Arvind Khare
Gramonnati Sansthan
Mahoba – 210 427
Uttar Pradesh, India

You can also call us at +91-5281-254097/+91-9415145179 for further clarifications.

Your support is crucial for us.

How You Can Help

As a voluntary organisation working at the grassroots level Gramonnati Sansthan heavily relies on support of various stakeholders. You can help us in two ways:

Donate to Us

Volunteer for Us