Land Rights

landrightsLand of a poor farmer developed as a result of the organisation's efforts Objectives

  • Help small/marginal farmers and landless labourers, particularly those belonging to Schedules Castes in accessing and establishing rights over land to support livelihood
  • Assessment of land related disputes (encroachment and ownership issues)
  • Identification of families for resolving land ownership issues
  • Establishing women’s rights over land


  • Village level consultations
  • Jan Sunwai (public hearings)
  • Analysing land maps
  • Formation of the forum Bundelkhand Bhoomi Adhikar Manch
  • Organisation of a Mahila Kisan Abhiyan Rally
  • Organise Laghu Seemant Krishak Morcha


  • Seven public hearings held; 11 exposure visits conducted
  • 29 Training programmes organised and 600 people received training
  • Distribution of 90 acres land to landless people
  • Awareness generation among 1,734 of women on their right on land
  • 4,149 women participate in Mahila Kisan Abhiyan rally
  • Nine kinds of dissemination/training material developed


  • Formation of Bundelkhand Bhoomi Adhikar Manch
  • 4,181 Actions taken by Bundelkhand Bhoomi Adhikar Manch
  • 460 Cases of disputes over land solved
  • Formation of a district level committee to resolve land issues
  • 1,125 Actions taken by district level committee
  • 102 Landless labourers turned their fortunes by becoming farmers
  • 58 Families who have accepted joint (husband-wife) ownership of land
  • 15 Efforts made to sensitise government machinery to make it responsive

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