Public Health

publichealthA health awareness meetingObjectives

  • Motivate the common people to become self-reliant in health management
  • Prepare health workers in each village of the operational area
  • Build capacity of the villagers for preparing medicines out of locally available herbs


  • Holding of public health training programmes
  • Holding of work plan workshop
  • Organisation of health and treatment camps
  • Survey of medicinal plants in Bundelkhand area


  • 43 Participants develop understanding on common ailments and their treatment from herbal medicines
  • The participants get knowledge of identification of herbs and medicines manufacturing
  • Participants present report of the survey and get training on work plan preparation


  • Understanding of the participants is built on traditional health and medicinal systems
  • People are using Indian medicinal system for managing diseases
  • Capacity of other NGOs on Indian medicinal system built upon
  • Primary treatment kits prepared for use in the villages

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