Shakti Shangh

shaktisanghaShakti Sangh, a federation of women’s groups, was founded on January 5, 1999. It is a group of the groups constituted in the operational area of Gramonnati Sansthan and works as a pressure group for providing strength to women’s problems and issues and their social, economical and political aspects. Shakti Sangh has almost 1,000 women as its members and struggles on the issue of violence against women and for their rights.


  • To make efforts for strengthening social, economic and political situation of women
  • To provide guidance in running and managing groups
  • To work as a group while keeping in mind interests of members
  • To exchange information/knowledge among member groups and arrange for training
  • To make the society aware about social bad customs/traditions
  • To raise voice against issues of violence against women
  • To establish relations with other forums at regional/state level
  • To work as local/regional level pressure group

Membership Rules

  • Membership is open for those women who are already member of a constituent group or those who have become member after paying membership fee
  • Each member will have to deposit annual membership fee
  • Member should be resident of the village where the group is located
  • Should have faith in rules of federation/group
  • Age should not be less than 18 years
  • Termination of membership of a member who does not attend two consecutive meetings of Shakti Sangh or does not attend six consecutive meetings of village committee or does not give information to this effect can be considered
  • Member should not have been defaulter of sangha/group
  • The office-bearer who does not bear responsibility of her position or who does not attend six consecutive monthly meetings will be discharged of her position


  • To impart legal advice and consultation on women issues
  • To make facility of more finance and loan
  • To mount pressure on government and non-government organisations in cases of violence against women and their exploitation and impart training and develop capacity
  • To make efforts for ending social bad customs
  • To assist in running group and establish relations with other organisations and impart information about schemes
  • To create awareness about local and regional social issues and to organise women through groups
  • To study women cases and analyse them
  • To inspect group accounts, guide them and carry out their audit

How You Can Help

As a voluntary organisation working at the grassroots level Gramonnati Sansthan heavily relies on support of various stakeholders. You can help us in two ways:

Donate to Us

Volunteer for Us