Anna Pratha

annaprathaGenerally farmers in Bundelkhand abandon their cattle from the onset of summers till the sowing of the next crop. This tradition is called Anna Pratha (tradition of leaving the cattle abandoned). These roaming cattle are harmful in many ways. Apart from this, they fall sick as they do not get sufficient quantities of fodder and water.

This system is continuing in Bundelkhand since ages. When it was started, the fodder was naturally available in a plenty, there were forests and water was in abundance. Because of this, the cattle used to get fodder and water in sufficient quantities. But the times have changed. The tradition is harming capability and health of the cattle and agriculture. Often the cattle move too far away from their homes and they die for the lack of fodder and water. As the cattle often fail to return during the rains, they also damage rain crops.

A number of steps can be taken to stop Anna Pratha:

  • To organise workshops in the villages and make people aware of stopping this system
  • To form an organisation in each village to caution owners of roaming cattle
  • To establish cattle houses in each village
  • To lodge roaming cattle in cattle houses and inform about the same to the cattle owner

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