I have to say something

ihavetosayGramonnati Sansthan has constituted Adolescent Girls Groups in different villages of the district. It has also set up open forums for making adolescent girls aware and answering their queries. Various programmes are frequently organised with adolescent girls so that they may be given guidance and a progressive though can be developed. As a result, positive thinking has developed among adolescent girls.

A couple of years ago, a programme ‘I Have to Say Something’ was organised. Through this programme adolescent girls raised a number of questions and expressed several queries in writing. A few questions and queries follow:

  • I have studied till standard VIII. My brother says I have to study further and my father says that I do not have to study. My father says your studies are over as boys tease girls outside. My home has school only up to class eight.
  • I want to drive motor vehicle.
  • In my next birth I want to be a boy. So I can get a good job, earn too much and make my parents happy.
  • Many parents do not send their daughters there. Do the girls not have wish to go out? Why does it happen?
  • I want to become driver when I grow up.
  • I want to become Prime Minister of India.
  • I want to become a parrot in my next life so I can fly to places, instead of remaining at one place.
  • Why do boys tease girls? Why does it happen so? My mother says she will marry both the sisters together. But I do not want to get married along with my elder sister. My age is less. I am always worried. I want to tell this to my mother.
  • I have passed class eight. I want to study further. But my ‘papa’ does not want me to study further. I want to be doctor in next life. If I cannot become doctor, definitely I would like to be a teacher.

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