Farm Ponds Recharge Well

In the pilot project nine farm ponds were dug at Kumhdaura village. The selected patch has a well belonging to Badri Yadav. The well was constructed in 2005 with a loan of Rs 3 lakh. The well had water available only for 15 to 20 minutes and was able to irrigate 1 bigha land with great difficulty. The well was meant to irrigate 9 acre land shared by three people, and a crop was only worth Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000. The farmer was not able to repay the loan.

With the coming up of ponds in the area, water level in their well has increased by 3 metres. Now 8 horse power pump is run for 5 hours a day and 9 acre land is being irrigated. Last year they had sown pea, gram, masoor and wheat. They sold crop worth Rs 85,000 and had enough grains for consumption.

Another effect of farm ponds was that wellconstructed for water supply under Swajal Project in the year 2000 was recharged. This well used to dry up during summers and as a result there used to be no water supply. This summer water is available for drinking.

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