Works of Gramonnati Sansthan are very important. I whole heartedly support its objectives.

Maitreyee Pushpa
Hindi Feminist Novelist

Got an opportunity to witness women empowerment process taking place in villages of Mahoba district. The way the girls and women ride bicycles in remote villages and discuss women rights and problems, kindles the hope that change has started in these villages. Though the complete picture of the villages is still patriarchal, efforts of women awakening appeared meaningful and important.

Prof. Rooprekha Verma
Former Vice-Chancellor, Lucknow University

The efforts of the organisation towards the fight of women rights are praiseworthy.

Shakuntala Pandey
Senior Social Worker

Gramonnati Sansthan is a prominent social organisation of Mahoba. It is running various social development works with great caution. I have participated in various programmes of the organisation and found that if other organisations emulate this organisation’s efforts to make women aware of their rights, women will become quickly aware about their rights in a very short time.

Zahir Singh
Retired Principal, Gandhi Nagar, Mahoba

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